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Keep Rodents Out of Your Home

Have rodents made themselves at home in your house or building? If you need help evicting these unwanted tenants, get in touch with The Bug Guy today. We're home to one of the top mice and rat control teams in the Bergenfield & Paramus, NJ area.

No matter the size of the problem, you can trust us to have your property free of rodents ASAP. Contact The Bug Guy today for more details about our rat and mice control services.

Discover more about our rodent removal services

Discover more about our rodent removal services

Finding rodents in your house or building is more than just annoying-it's gross. Mice and rats can get into your food, damage your property and bring bacteria into your space.

If there are rodents in your building, get rid of them swiftly with rat or mice control service from The Bug Guy in Bergenfield, NJ. You can count on us to inspect your property, locate the source of the problem and rid your home of rodents fast.

Once the issue is resolved, we'll work hard to eliminate the access points the rodents used to enter your building so that you ensure your property remains rodent-free after we leave.

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